Create Messages that Stand Out in Social Media

laptop with blurred social media image, woman's hands holding phone in foreground with simulated social media interaction coming from phone screen

In an era of “scroll culture”, where we stay connected with friends and family on an ever-evolving list of social media platforms, how can your messaging stand out from the crowd? 

At Moving Targets, our goal is to go beyond getting someone to not only stop scrolling, but take action! Let’s take a look at some advice from our social media strategists:

People scroll through 300 feet of content daily, the same height as the Statue of LIberty!

1. Not all channels are created equal

Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok…there are countless social networks that your business could join, but which should you join? 

A good rule of thumb is to base your social media activity on two factors: your customers and your business. Understanding which social channels your customers are already using will help you narrow down the list to your top social channels. Next, think about the products or services you offer and how they will appear on those channels. If you are a bakery or florist, Instagram is a great, visual-based platform to share your creations! If you run a dance-studio, TikTok just might  be the platform to show-off your moves.

Regardless of which platforms you select, visuals are becoming more and more important in scroll culture. Visuals should have creative stopping power, but also communicate your main message (with the details left to the caption.)

Social networks are very aware of the amount of content available to their users and most, if not all, offer ad placements to help brands “break-through” the clutter. (In some cases, the algorithm for organic content is so specific, ads might be the only way for your own audience to even see your message!) Understanding the tools available to you, including the various demographic and interest-based filters will help you accurately  target current and prospective clients.

2. What type of messages will stop the scroll?

Every business and audience is different, which is why our team creates a custom strategy for each client we have. Here are a few of the more broadly used messaging strategies brands use to try and connect with customers:

  • Authentic, Relevant Content: The gold standard, sharing genuine content that your audience wants to engage with is the best way to make connections
  • The PSA: sharing impactful or important information with the broader population i.e. statistic on recycling
  • The target audience: providing information that is most impactful to a specific audience audience i.e. recall information for parents with elementary-aged children
  • The IOV: an “item of value” for potential customers can help get them to trial or purchase a product, especially if used in retargeting after they have already viewed an item i.e. a limited time coupon or additional percentage off
  • The bait and switch: not a recommended strategy by any means, but many brands share information that shocks (whether it is accurate or not) in order to get users to click through

3. They engaged with you! what?

Your current or prospective customer engaged with or clicked through your content…now what? Ensuring a smooth customer journey is crucial in converting a social connection to a lead or purchase. 

  • Ensure your URL (whether on content or an ad) takes the user to where they expect to be going. The fastest way to lose a lead is to take them to the wrong supporting content.
  • Have the right screening mechanisms in place. If you are looking for leads, be sure you have a mechanism for screening to check they are qualified, without losing customer service.
  • Treat each customer with a high-level of customer service. The quickest way to lose a lead, customer, or social fan/follower is to drop your professional customer service.

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